About Fringe Science for Kids

Founded in 2019, Fringe Science for Kids forms a significant part of Circus Living.

Fringe Science for Kids' Vision

"To help encourage adults, educators, and children embrace elements of the unknown and to recognize their potential to be used as pedagogical tools.”

Ronan strives through ‘Fringe Science for Kids’ to convey how elements of the unknown can be used to encourage kids to exercise creativity, curiosity, and to have a critical yet open mind.

Fringe Science for Kids' Mission

Ronan aims to provide a one stop resource for topics relating to the paranormal, ghosts, monster legends, aliens, fringe science, and various elements of the unknown for both kids and parents who want an informed, educational, and no-nonsense approach to these topics.

About Ronan

Ronan is the heart and soul of Circus Living. The eldest of the three, it is his interest in the paranormal that has influenced his two younger siblings to follow in his footsteps. Ronan is no stranger to visiting haunted places, haunting ghosts, or learning about the various myths, beliefs, and stories surrounding the unknown. Just because Ronan is interested in the paranormal, it does not mean that, unlike the average child (or adult for that matter), elements of the unknown do not frighten him. Like most people, his imagination can get the best of him especially after watching a scary film. Ronan, despite his fears, pushes through and suspends them in a quest to satisfy his curiosity and need for knowledge. At 11 years old, he is ready to share his knowledge with the world and explore right along with his readers.