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Need help deciding on whether the Austin Art Garage is the right gallery for your artworks? If you are an artist interested in finding out more about the Austin Art Garage, here's a page listing all of the info we have compiled on the gallery thus far.

Specifically, information regarding the gallery's submission requirements, costs involved (if any), the gallery's artistic preferences (if the gallery tends to promote a specific theme in their shows for example), the gallery's reputation (per reviews and media coverage), the gallery owner/founder's professional and educational background, and how the gallery promotes its artists' works are offered in this page.


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Austin Art Garage Artist Submissions

"Being a small gallery, we are often at capacity, but always considering new artists for our roster."

Art Genre(s):
Contemporary Art, Pop Art

Art Form(s):
Photography, Painting, Illustration, Mixed Media

Submission Scope:
Local (artists must live in Central Texas area)

Cost(s) Involved:
No mention of a submission fee on the gallery's website

Commission Structure:

Submission Theme/Focus:
Austin Art Garage exhibits one-of-a-kind affordable art produced by local artists.

About the Gallery:
Austin Art Garage was created in 2007 to expose talented, emerging Austin artists and offer art enthusiasts, from all social-economic levels, an opportunity to invest in original art created within their community.

How the Gallery Promotes its Artists:
The gallery promotes artists' works through posts on their page on Facebook, as well as Instagram. Their gallery has also been featured in several local media outlets, as well as named in various travel articles as a place to visit when in Texas.
--> Austin Art Garage on Facebook
--> Austin Art Garage on Instagram
--> Article in The Leader (June 2020)
--> Article in the (May 2020)
--> Other press coverage (as listed on the Austin Art Garage website)

Year Founded:

Gallery Owner:
Jake Bryer & Joel Ganucheau

Gallery Owner's Educational & Professional Background:
Both are artists who exhibit their own works at the Austin Art Garage.

Reviews of the gallery tend to be favourable.

Sites containing the most current reviews of the gallery are listed below. 
>>Google Reviews
>>Yelp Reviews

Social Media Presence:
>>Austin Art Garage on Facebook
>>Austin Art Garage on Instagram

>>Austin Art Garage Website

Submission Process:
>>Austin Art Garage Submission Process

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