Morbid Art Events

Events which exhibit macabre, morbid, gothic, or dark art

Below is an ongoing list of events, markets, conventions, fairs, and festivals worldwide which exhibit lowbrow and pop-surrealist art. These events will appeal to artists and art collectors interested in oddities, curiosities, macabre, morbid, gothic, or dark art.

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La Madama Bazarre (US)

Low Brow Art | Underground Art | Outsider Art | Bizarre Art. There are many New Orleans galleries that purvey traditional, sentimental images of Louisiana, but La Madama Bazarre lets loose a stellar consortium of underground artists whose multimedia work is alternately spiritual, delicately pretty, ethereally mystical and overtly sensual — drawing upon and reveling in all the glorious contradictions and cultures of New Orleans and its environs.

Revolution Gallery (US)

Pop Surrealist Art | Contemporary Art. Revolution Gallery is committed to presenting artwork that is provocative and imbued with dark beauty, emotion, and mystery. Revolution Gallery shows artwork with an emphasis on pop-surrealism and contemporary figurative work, in a wide-range of media.

Speakeasy Art Gallery (US)

Lowbrow Art | Hi Art. Speakeasy Art Gallery showcases the work of local and international contemporary artists. The curators at the gallery offer art collectors and enthusiasts a playful mix of Hi Art with an edge and Lowbrow with masterful technique. Speakeasy Art Gallery insures that the art it exhibits possess inviting esthetics and a desire to explore new and original ideas.

Corvidae Collective Gallery (US)

Contemporary Art | Pop Surrealist Art | Lowbrow Art. Their aesthetic ranges from contemporary, pop surrealism, lowbrow, to narrative arts in a variety of mediums. They feature exhibitions of established and emerging artists.

La Luz De Jesus Gallery (US)

Lowbrow Art. Showcasing mainly figurative, narrative paintings and unusual sculpture, La Luz de Jesus Gallery's exhibitions are post-pop with content ranging from folk to outsider to religious to sexually deviant. The gallery’s objective is to bring underground art and counter-culture to the masses.

Gristle Art Gallery (US)

Lowbrow Art | Macabre Art | Pop-Surreal Art. The Gristle Art Gallery is dedicated to promoting the best in lowbrow, pop-surreal, contemporary, dark and macabre art.