Dark, Macabre, and Morbid Fine Art

Dark Art - Macabre & Morbid Fine Art

Dark art is an art genre we frequently feature on our site. Fine art which can be described as macabre, surreal, morbid, spooky, unsettling, bizarre, and creepy constitute the dark art genre. We have compiled this list featuring noteworthy macabre artists, art galleries which exhibit dark artworks, morbid and spooky-themed art shows, as well as memento mori works or artworks known as death art on a quest to connect fellow dark art enthusiasts worldwide. 

Call for Artists: A special note for macabre artists! 

If you are an artist looking to submit your artwork, Circus Living is working on a 'Call For Artists' listing and eventually, an app that will update artists on relevant upcoming call for entries or call for submissions. Join our Circus if you wish to stay updated on the development of this app.

Macabre Art Markets

This page provides an ongoing list of events, markets, conventions, fairs, and festivals worldwide which exhibit lowbrow and pop-surrealist art.